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Hi my name is Danny D'Elia, Ive been in the vending business for over 35 years. My first experiences with games were in the early 70's when my Father Jim D'Elia was first getting into it. We met Leon Bethune and the journey began. I started working for Royal Vending in 1976 where Leon was the head of a service company as well as Royal's shop. I spent what seems like my first year or more learning, overhauling and "shopping" electromechanical shuffle alleys (bowlers) under the quite capable eyes of an amazing EM mechanic named Tommy Clark. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on all electromechanical equipment as a result of that and the following years of experience with Royal. We had a great crew, most of whom I still stay in contact with today.

Soon games went digital and we all learned them together, some faster than others. Video games were first starting also. I remember uncrating Pinball Machines and Video Games by the dozen and setting them up for placement in street locations.

I think it was around 1979 when I was promoted to "Road Mechanic". I remember being so excited to have a company car and to be on the road on my own. We had Motorola radios in the cars and stayed in touch with the shop through them. This was when I got my real experience with troubleshooting under the gun. Considering we probaly averaged 12 to 15 calls a day. I learned real fast to figure out what was wrong and get right to the heart of the problem or I would be working all night.

More to follow if anybody's interested...

It would be my pleasure to put my extensive experience to work for you.

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